Common Garage Door Problems

Common Garage Door Problems

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A garage door is such a commonplace object in residential areas. Sometimes they are taken for granted, that is until something goes wrong. With a bit of forethought and knowledge of what could happen, you can head off potential disaster with your door or opener. Here are a few things that can malfunction:Common Garage Door Problems

  •     Damaged parts, such as misshapen springs or springs that have slipped out of the track
  •     Guide tracks misaligned
  •     Hardware that has come loose
  •     Safety sensors that no longer function
  •     Garage door panels, no matter the material, that are broken or damaged
  •     Supporting hardware weakened or bent
  •     Broken or cracked windows that might allow access to the locked garage
  •     Outside-access keypads that don’t work properly
  •     Weathered or rusted metal parts
  •     Deteriorating building materials
  •     Un-lubricated springs, chains, belts, and screw drives on the opener
  •     Burned-out light bulbs
  •     Low batteries in the remote controls
  •     Faulty electrical connections or components in the garage door opener motor

Some of the minor problems with the door to your garage and other components are easily remedied; however, professionals may need to evaluate the more serious problems. Not looking into these problems can exacerbate safety issues. Faulty springs, for example, can cause the door to your garage to drop unexpected from an open position. Safety sensors that no longer work can cause the door to fall onto objects or people. The crushing power of a falling metal or wooden door is a clear danger.

There are emergency garage door repairs that you might need to seek advice on before tackling to ensure that you comply with the relevant safety aspects. You should not tamper with electrical faults, for example, but many repairs can be left and tackled yourself. It is usually easy enough to determine the work needed to put your door and opener back into tip-top operating condition.

Whether it is a safety, operation, or beauty issue, repairs should be undertaken as soon as possible. The humble door to your garage protects your automobile and other belongings, and care should be taken to ensure that it functions properly. The same holds true for other components that combine to create a strategic component of your home security system.

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